About Us

A community for swingers

James, our swinging friends and I really believe that at the heart of true human bliss is trust. As a group of lifestyle fans with a collective past, we have come to realise that, if one does not have an outlet for self expression, one will slog through life feeling dissatisfied. There is nothing more enjoyable and satisfying than being able to express yourself openly among friends, cherished ones and like minded individuals you can totally trust. James, myself and the team at The Swingers Mansion is committed to allowing our community members the opportunity to express themselves in a safe and secure environment. We welcome swinging couples and swinging singles from all walks of life, experienced swingers soft swingers or those completely new to the swinging way of life. So, come on in, get your feet wet - so to speak - and have some fun!

We are a new site and James and I are open to any suggestions to make the site better. Just send us a message from your account.