Hello Everyone

It's been a while since we shared News with you so thought it was about time we did so.


Before we do so, we would like to welcome you all to our site.  It is a pleasure to see you all on here and hope to see you online sometime in the near future.


Well, this year is going fast already.  Where did January go?  What did you do in January..anything exciting, naughty??


What has been happening?  Well, on the face of it, it does not seem like much has been happening on the site but it has.  There has been a lot of work done in the background to make sure it all works as it should do. If you find that it does not, please do report it to us and we will look into the issue.  You will have seen there is a “Spy” tab on the site.  This allows you to see what activity has been happening around the site with all members or gives you the option to see what your Friends have been doing.  We quite like this addition to the site because it is encouraging to see so many of you using the site as it is meant to be used. 


The Forums part of the site has been gathering momentum.  It is interesting to see what is going on around the world with regards to Swinging and always in the most unexpected places!  The Forum is there for all of you to share your experiences, what you find of interest or just really somewhere to get all involved. 


We have added as an Event next year’s Erotica Show for your information.  If you know of any other events around the world, please share with us.


James and I are holding a Valentine’s Peep Show on 14th February.  It is to be held 9.00-10.00pm in the Peep Show Room but these times are not good for you, because of time zones, please feel free to hold your own Peep Show event.  Put it on the site under Events and then you can invite your friends and also show other members that your event is happening.  Go on, you know you want to..!


If you have any photos or videos you would like to share, please post on the site as I am sure there are some members who would like to view them.


Also, any ideas are always welcome with regards to content on the site.  You may think of a regular Event you want to participate in, or just a one off. 


We, at The Swingers Mansion, promote a non-pressure site and if you feel you are uncomfortable with anything on the site or other members, please do let us know.  This is your Community and we want you all to be happy with the site.


We look forward to seeing you on The Swingers Mansion.